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“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” – Stephen Covey


Business creativity

Business creativity is the first of our three pillars. At VDL Group, we believe that without creativity – there is no competitive edge and success on a long run. Therefore, it is so crucial to the game. Building and constantly maintaining a creative environment is key for success. Creativity requires courage to think and act. It is about exiting the comfort zone to challenge yourself with the “unknown”. It is a mindset that we set at VDL Group from day one and share with our collaborators, partners, & clients.

At VDL Group – we enable business creativity.


Collaboration is the second of our three pillars. At VDL Group, we believe that collaboration is crucial in achieving common goals. How do we ensure collaboration at VDL Group ? Common goals are defined clearly upfront and collaborative environment is put into place from day one. Each of us gets a clear understanding of its role, tasks and personal goals. Transparency is key for successful collaborations. Relationships are the foundations of the value of VDL Group. Respect is the basis for sustainable collaborations.

At VDL Group – we do not collaborate for collaboration sake – we collaborate to grow together and ultimately win.


Confidence is the third of our three pillars. At VDL Group, we believe that being creative and collaborative without confidence do not make you win. Confidence is built during practice, i.e. on the daily basis, and not during game time. At VDL Group, we give importance to making everyone confident enough to speak out, to express ideas, opinions in a constructive manner. “Be bold, yet humble/realistic at the same time“. “Act and lead with integrity by being true to yourself and the values your stand for“.

At VDL Group – we empower confidence at any level and ensure trust with all business partners, collaborators & clients.





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