VDL Edu|Asso

Education is key at VDL Group – especially when it comes to creating & innovating through digital innovation using disruptive technologies such as Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence.

At VDL Edu|Asso – we strive to make those technologies accessible to everyone. We get involved right at the heart of one self’s personal development – the academic/university level – to prepare the students and future generation to embrace Blockchain & AI and thus be ready to face the innovation world, the economy of today and tomorrow.

At VDL Edu|Asso – not only we engage at the university/academic level, but we also advise our collaborators, partners and clients on the concrete benefits of adopting these technologies for their daily business & continuous development in a increasingly competitive world.

Our academic|associative commitments

We are constantly looking for collaborations. If you want to know more on our commitments or do have specific enquiries – we are happy to set up a call. Please pick up a slot and speak to you soon.