At VDL IP – the motto is “quality over quantity“. Therefore, we constantly strive to ensure the highest quality for your IP protection. We strongly believe and support the approach of securing, monitoring and valuing, i.e. overall managing, the IP portfolios wherein quality prevails over quantity.
At VDL IP – we apply cost-efficient schemes well-suited for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs but also corporates which look more and more for costs-optimization as well. We strive to define an IP strategy in adequation to your business looking at the big picture not only from a technology standpoint but from a busines, a market and a strategic perspectives as well.
At VDL IP – we help you in protecting and securing your IP through digital innovation using artificial intelligence- and blockchain-based technologies. At VDL Tech – we work with a fine selection of partners that are leaders in their respective field so as to ensure the best quality.
At VDL IP – we do not file or register patents, trademarks or designs for the sake of making business. We care about your overall business strategy and adjust your IP protection, development and management accordingly in order to maximize the value out of it.